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This is our Services page. Here we will detail the specific services we offer to help you discover how we might help you.



Robert French Writing is a comprehensive consultant service that provides a broad spectrum of tailored wordsmithing services to companies and individuals who need support in anything from advertising to policy development. We also provide Human Resources Consulting to assist our clients.

Human Resources Consulting

We offer comprehensive Human Resources support starting from job descriptions, recruiting, training, performance management, and strategic planning. Our services also include advising management who are looking for guidance in difficult situations. If your small business doesn’t support a Human Resources Department of its own, you can have the support you need when you need it.

Digital Copywriting

We support web development and online advertising by providing professional and comprehensive digital copywriting that ensures your product and services are accessible and more engaging than those of your competitors. Robert French Writing can sharpen your message and help you get to the point.


A second set of eyes can make the difference between a cogent and well-articulated statement and poorly worded, mistake ridden embarrassment. Whether it be for a business report, advertising, or resume, Robert French Writing provides and extra layer of protection through timely and skilled editing.

Resumes and Cover Letters

If our services section is a menu, then this is our house special. Instead of agonizing over your resume and cover letter, why not let us make it easy? All you need to do is give us your work history and let us know what type of work you are aiming for and with only a few minutes on the phone (or via text, email, smoke signal – we are flexible, we know you’re busy) we can set you up with a polished set of documents that you will feel confident giving to a prospective employer.

Policy Development and Analysis

At Robert French Writing we have the experience and expertise necessary to draft all the policies and procedures that you need to protect yourself from unnecessary liability and provide the specific and detailed structure to succeed. We have more than ten years’ experience writing policies for non-profits, human resource, and research applications. We research industry standards and best practices, consider specific areas of concern and combine them to develop policies and procedures that are as comprehensive as possible.

Social Media Management

Good social media takes time. Robert French Writing can save you a lot of that precious resource by managing your social media accounts and keeping them active and up to date with content developed specifically for you. Better still, we can engage with the online community on your behalf (following specific pre-designated guidelines) and make sure your online presence isn’t one dimensional.

Other Services

  • Direct Response Copywriting
  • Manuals
  • Ghost Writing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Technical Writing
  • Fiction & Non-fiction Writing
  • Social Media Management


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